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Introducing A Story for Everything! Podcast

Updated: May 28, 2020

Joonie Gee has a story for everything! I mean seriously. She is a mother/ teacher/divorcee/author/editor/army vet/former homeless teen-mom/violence survivor/free-spirit/artist/dog mom/single bi Black woman/feminist submissive/ marathoner/ visionary/ INFJ/ much more! She may not know it all, but she has experienced a-helluva-lot! A skilled, fun-loving, lighthearted; yet passionate raconteur, Joonie Gee shares many valued lessons that she's acquired in a way that'll make you laugh, scream, cry, cut your eyes, twist your lips, cuss her, cuss the world, hug your kids, appreciate your friends, and everything under, above, and in between!

*For entertainment purposes.

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