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Red Hook Blue


Book #1 in the "Tales from the Hook" novel series.

“Here’s the deal. In Greek mythology, The Trojan War was started over Helen of Troy. Ancient Chinese history tells of Wu Sangui who is considered by some to be a traitor to his country for having allowed Qing army past The Great Wall all over Chen Yuanyuan, a concubine he wanted.


There are many classic tales of war waged by men over women; even The Bible tells of how the sons of Jacob slaughtered all of the men of Shechem while they were weak and recovering after agreeing to be collectively circumcised; premeditated revenge for the rape of Dinah, their sister.


Here, in 1980s Red Hook, two men who could have anything and anyone they want, are at war-fighting and killing over me, Mistie Blue Daye. This is unreal. I know one thing, if I survive all this when all is said and done, I’m going to write a book. Isn’t that a saying? The truth is stranger than fiction. Well, my truth is strange as Hell!”


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